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We believe that all humans have the capacity for exceptional learning and development throughout their work-life. Learning does not stop at graduation, 70% of how we learn is through self-development at work. This indicates that with the right tools and support, personal learning and growth is attainable at every stage of life, whether as a high school graduate, college graduate, or mid-career professional. C4C’s purpose is to support people to navigate through their career choices using an informed decision making process and a roadmap for ongoing personal development that will pave the way to fulfilling and successful careers.

The world of work and what we know as 'careers' are going through significant transformation. Over the next two decades 75% of careers available do not exist today. This means people will be required to adapt to this ever changing and evolving work place, we call it the ‘world of work’. C4C supports people of all age groups to make clearer and more informed career decisions knowing that in the future we do not just change companies, but will also change industries and careers.

C4C as a company emerged from decades of people and organizational development work. We recognize that qualifications is one key aspect of securing successful careers, but this needs to be supported with a greater understanding of ‘self’ to make balanced and informed decisions. This we achieve through PRISM Career Explorer, which is based on the world’s most comprehensive online neuroscience-based behavior mapping instrument.

Our purpose is to enable people to continue to learn and to adapt through their lifetime of work. Those people who have a clear understanding of their chosen career path and who set career goals tend to progress further and earn higher incomes than those who do not. And it is not just about ‘income’. Career goals should be first and foremost about taking a career path that is enjoyable and satisfying because this is ultimately what makes someone good at their job.

PRISM Career Explorer: 30 minutes of time, a lifetime of learning

The relevance, usefulness and application of PRISM Career Explorer is long-term.

It's not just an investment for now, it is an investment for the future.

PRISM Career Explorer

Central to C4C is PRISM Career Explorer. PRISM is the worlds most comprehensive neuroscience-based behaviour profiling instrument. PRISM is used widely in business and commerce to support individuals and organisations in recruitment, talent management, leadership and team building. It is this rich amount of application of PRISM in the real-world of commerce and business that has been used to engineer PRISM into an accurate and highly relevant decision tool to support study choices, career choices and ongoing career development decisions.

PRISM Career Explorer is an integrated set of support tools to enable more informed study and career decisions and ongoing career development. What we know as ‘work’ and ‘careers’ are undertaking transformation due to the ever-changing dynamics of technology. C4C is not a service to be viewed as a short-term benefit but as an ongoing support to career development, which will require not just changes in companies but changes in the industry type and career type over the span of a person’s work life. No need for costly career counselling. PRISM Career Explorer through C4C empowers users to undertake self-learning, explore study and career options in a comprehensive on-line digital portal that is personalized and available ongoing.

Because PRISM is a behaviour based profiling instrument, its application is broader than conventional psychometric and other forms of personality tools. As well as giving in-depth analysis about behaviour preferences, the PRISM Career Explorer report provides insights into the type of work environments that a person is best suited to. This enables informed decisions not just about career options, but also about the types of company and working environments that the individual is best suited to.

Once a student embarks on their first career, the benefits of C4C continue through the PRISM Career Portal. The career development analysis contained in the report enables behaviorial strengths to be built-on and for behaviour opportunities to be developed where they support improved effectiveness with the job. The continuous personal development can include upgrading to a more advanced PRISM report, called the ‘professional’ report, which provides deeper insights to support career development.


PRISM is used widely in business and commerce to support individuals and organisations in recruitment, talent management, leadership and team building. Many blue-chip companies all over the world use PRISM to support their organisational and business goals and many training and people development service providers embed PRISM into their training and development interventions.

PRISM4USA establishes relationships with organisations seeking a powerful solution to organisational development goals. We seek to work alongside organisations to support the use and application of PRISM to support human capital development.

Prism Professional

Prism Professional provides deep insights and portrays an individual’s behaviours from three perspectives. Knowing oneself in deep terms is the bedrock to developing emotional intelligence and leadership.

Team Diagnostitc

The PRISM Team Performance Diagnostic is an easy-to-use, online instrument that enables teams to assess their effectiveness in six key result areas that are common to high performing teams. The instrument allows every member of the team to provide input. The results initiate fruitful discussions and accelerate team developments.


Most 360° assessments tell you only what is, or is not, contributing to a person's effectiveness, but PRISM 360 assessment also highlights “why” this may be happening. It gives the user insights into what is taking place beneath the surface. PRISM 360 – is a user-friendly, online system that enables you to conduct 360° feedback with minimal effort and maximum impact. There is no software to download or run. This means that anyone can take part, no matter where they are in the world.

Talent Finder

Prism Talent Finder provides a clear picture of a candidates fit within the job, within the organisation, and their development potential. This enables recruitment decisions to be balanced between the candidate’s eligibility i.e. qualifications and experience, with the all-important factors surrounding job organisational fit.


Increase the accuracy and rigor of the recruitment process through Prism Benchmarking. This simple but thorough process develops a picture of the ideal candidate in tangible ways; benchmarking ideal behaviours, aptitudes and work environment match and brings analytics to recruitment decisions.

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