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Q: How is my behaviour profiled?

A: Everyone's behaviour is as a result of the biological make-up of the brain and the balance of certain chemicals. The questionnaire and report have been developed based on the latest breakthroughs in Neuroscience. The report generated is based on your responses to the questions.

Q: How long does the questionnaire take to complete?

The questionnaire takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. We recommend however you take your time and ensure you are relaxed when you are taking it, ensuring you take the time necessary to understand the question but responding honestly and instinctively.

Q: Why should I consider using the Prism Career match report and not other tools available?

A: Prism is a profile of your unique behaviour preferences; the things you enjoy doing and find satisfying. Personality and psychometric tools as two examples do not go to the detail, nor do they profile your behaviour.

Q: How can I use the Prism report to understand my career choices?

A: Prism Career Explorer gives you immediate, seamless access to the USA department of works O net database where around 1,000 occupations are profiled as the ideal behaviour profile to be successful in each job. This means you get to know a lot more about yourself and can directly compare your 'fit' against many different career choices.

Q: How will the Prism report help me in my college study choices?

A: Neuroscience research is at the heart of the PRISM Career Explorer, and research tells us the brain works best when the senses are engaged and emotions are involved. PRISM examines student's current and potential capabilities as well as their individual passions when providing assessments. PRISM enables you to excel in high school, to select the most appropriate universities and study subjects for your skills and learning style, and ultimately to achieve your dream career.

Q: What Careers or jobs database is used?

A: The USA depart of works jobs database O net. This database is available online to everyone. What Prism has done is profiled each career to establish the ideal behaviour preferences for that role which gives you a tangible way to explore careers that you will enjoy, find satisfying and will be successful at. The use of the database is not to necessarily identify a single job or career, but to give direction to career choices of today and for the future.

Q: Can I get my school or college involved

A: Yes, just ask a teacher or principal to use the enquiries email on this website and we will contact them.